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Sometimes you have to burn everything down to the ash to start all over.
Ash boy is the one who takes away sickness and evil, he has a mischievous quality that can be deceiving
and misconstrued as being flirty for humans yet it’s his nature.
While all these boys are supernatural beings they are considered to belong to the “common people.” There are several kinds that lives amongst the village even pueblo consider them evil spirit, because of lack of understanding to the underworld, name them; last three are often called into consultation when the people need advice.
They are very humble folk and therefore considered pure of heart and they bring with them the wisdom of their good Grandmother, who is everywhere at once and is ever ready to help the people.
These beings were, are the familiar household gods of the pueblo people and are regarded with a strange mixture of affection and tolerance. Taken away sickness, and protection; sickness needs to be vulnerable to be tricked or distracted for a moment to be transformed into healing energy.
We as most pueblos use ash for protection;
he, In some ways, represents the small man who succeeds where all others fail, he always wins in the end.
Strange but in the end, he will inherit all the whole pueblo. but is that what he wants?
we feed him to bring us luck, keep sickness at the door and not enter, we feed him because he gives us the good medicine for the hunt and for the baskets, he is our kin.