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Mirabal Reserve Wines — Renegade Wines for Renegade Times
Commercial filmed in Northern New Mexico by Joe Dean and Billy Curry
Editor: Gary Cooke Medina
Director, producer, cameraman; Billy Curry

Renegade was born in the old pueblo on a dirt floor, his momma died giving birth to him, raised by his 5 uncles and their mom his grandma the matriarch. Tending fields living to be a traditional pueblo man, he became strong working as his ancestors did.

By the time he was 24 he had crossed the border several times chasing Pancho Villa with the New Mexico first infantry Regiment and that’s where he got his name; Renegado; chasing Poncho Villa by himself where he was captured, beat up pretty fiercely by the Carrancista forces.

Renegade survived boarded a ship to battle with the barely trained corn picking farm boys of the New Mexico reorganized 143rd machine gun Battalion where he fought for General Black Jack in the dirty trench wars against Nazi regimen. At the battle of Chateau-Thierry France he almost choked to death from mustard gas cheating death once more.

After the war, he ended up at Camp Funston in Haskel county uneventfully shoveling and extracting salt outside of Kansas City where he meet a beautiful Cheyenne woman. They had a baby girl and in less than a year he lost them in the epidemic Spanish lady flu. Again he hustled his way from death, jumped train and hoboed his way across the country back to the Norteno of his youth.

Many considered him a Brujo; a witch, an outcast, alone, some said, “he who made a deal with the Devil in some outcropping in Tarahumara waste lands of northern Mexico.” Renegade by 1920’s at 26 had avoided death more times than he could count, the rural Norteno community knew him as Brujos Alcoholicos, the Drunk witch. To be continued…

The Dance by Robert Mirabal
Album: Music From A Painted Cave

As you can see there is a certain theme within the videos, it becomes a dynamic visual presentation with dancers and visual images dancing on the scream. The dance was originally recorded on the Mirabal album alter-native warner brothers. And also became a staple of the PBS show Music From a Painted Cave.

Originally composed for a dance number about ancient being that reawakens in the future and tells his story.

History meets the future in a cosmic struggle.

This is about grandfather and grandmothers advice when I was a youngster. The video/videos, are from the album In The Blood. One of the last CD recordings I did on STAR ROAD RECORDS; produced by Andy Byrd. The tour we did for that album was accompanied by these amazing visual imagery that were specially created by Billy Mitchell, the album won Artist of the Year from the Native American Music Awards.

Originally written by Mitch Sommers, I created the loose Tiwa native language translation and set them to the melody. This was an interesting concept I studied for many years using my original language and incorporating it into western contemporary forms.

Originally recorded on Mirabal Alter-native album, this version features Paul fowler on piano.

The song is about the tragic epidemic of native suicide.

This is a song based on the tumultuous times of the 1960s.

A tragic love story of lost warriors.

This song was a collaborative work with John Tesh for a PBS special.

The video shoot was at Monument Valley where we were helicoptered up to these giant red mesas tops. A video shoot that took 10 days which was supposed to be only 3…this experience was an unforgettable one.

Like many of my songs, this one is about lost love and history.